Do I offer CEU's?

Based on the information provided below by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, and the American Council on Education, I am now providing CEU's for my course offerings, provided you successfully complete the course, by completing a satisfactory amount of course work and participate in the online classroom. 

Q. How do I calculate how many IACET CEUs I should give for my course?
Determine the number of contact hours by adding all countable portions of the learning event per instructions above. (Example: A learning event has six 50-minute sessions with 10 minutes between for set-up. The number of contact hours would be computed as: 6 X 50 = 300 total minutes in organized, interactive learning / 60 = 5 contact hours.). Divide the number of contact hours by 10 to get the number of CEU. (For the example above: 5/10 = .5 CEU.). CEU may be expressed in tenths of a CEU (i.e., 17 contact hours equate to 1.7 CEU; 3 contact hours equate to .3 CEU). Do not express the CEU past the tenths place (i.e., if your calculation should be 1.78, express this as 1.8 CEU).

Q. How do I calculate the IACET CEUs for an online or distance learning course?
Using the same formula for traditional classroom time, ten clock hours = 1 CEU. Estimate the amount of time an average learner will take to complete the course, and then convert it to IACET CEUs. For more information on Distance Learning, please visit our Distance Learning section.

Q. Can any organization award the CEU? Do they have to be a member or approved by IACET?
The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is the caretaker of the CEU. IACET assumes responsibility for refining and disseminating information about the IACET CEU. Through its programs, publications, research, and technical assistance, the Association assists organizations in correctly utilizing the criteria.

The CEU is in the public domain. Use of the CEU is voluntary and no permission or approval is required. Any organization can offer the traditional CEU. 

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