Course Outline

An Introduction to JavaScript
Series: Web Programming
Weeks: 8 Weeks
Cost:    $200/$195 via PayPal
CEU Credits: 3.0


Javascript enables programmers to create dynamic Web Pages. This 8 week course is for aspiring programmers who have had no previous exposure to programming, and would like to be able to write their own JavaScript programs. Experienced programmers are welcome also!


  • To learn how to write and execute a JavaScript program
  • To learn what Data is and why it's important in a computer programmer
  • To learn what a JavaScript variable is
  • To learn the fundamental JavaScript Data types
  • To learn what operations can be performed on JavaScript data
  • To learn what a JavaScript Selection structure is
  • To learn  how to work with the JavaScript If structure
  • To learn about the JavaScript Switch statement
  • To learn how to work with JavaScript Loops
  • To learn JavaScript Object Oriented Design Principles
  • To learn what a JavaScript method is and how to create and use one
  • To learn how to create JavaScript Instantiable classes and objects
  • To learn how to protect data in a JavaScript class
  • To learn what a JavaScript Set and Get method is
  • To learn what a JavaScript Mutator method is
  • To learn what a JavaScript Accessor method is
  • To learn how to create a JavaScript Array
  • To learn the difference between a single and a multi-dimensional JavaScript Array
  • To learn how to create an Array of JavaScript objects
  • To learn how to implement Exception Handling in a JavaScript program
  • To learn (and prevent) the kinds of errors that beginners commonly make in a JavaScript program
  • To learn how to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) using the Document Object Model in a JavaScript program
  • To learn JavaScript Event Handling
  • To learn how to implement a JavaScript Event Handler


  • No prerequisites.




  • None--you only need an Internet Browser

Table of Contents

Week 1:  Planning and Development, Getting Comfortable with JavaScript
  • Programming the Easy Way
  • The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Getting Comfortable with JavaScript
  • Writing our First JavaScript Program
  • Elements of a JavaScript Program
Week 2:  JavaScript Data, Selection Structures
  • Computer Data
  • Variables, Constants
  • JavaScript Data Types
  • Operations on Data
  • Selection Structures
  • The IF Statement
  • The Switch Statement
Week 3:  Loops, Creating Your Own Methods
  • Loops
  • The For Loop
  • While Loops
  • JavaScript Methods
Week 4:  Creating Objects from Instantiable Classes
  • Creating an Instantiable Class
  • Creating Objects from your Classes
  • Class Constructors
  • Class Contracts
  • Class Variables
Week 5:  Controlling Access to the Data in your Objects
  • Instance Variables
  • JavaScript Set and Get Methods
  • JavaScript Accessor and Mutator Methods
Week 6:  Arrays
  • What's an Array
  • Declaring and Initializing an Array
  • Adding Data to an Array
  • Problems with Arrays
  • Single and Multidimensional Arrays
  • Creating Arrays of Objects
Week 7:  Arrays, Error Handling
  • Common Beginner Errors
  • Runtime Errors/Logic Errors
  • JavaScript Error Handling
  • JavaScript Exceptions
Week 8:  Developing a Graphical User Interface, Event Handling
  • Building a Graphical User Interface
  • Designing our GUI
  • Creating our GUI
  • Testing our GUI
  • What's an Event
  • JavaScript Event Handlers

  John Smiley  



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