Course Outline

Visual Basic 6 Database Programming
Series: Visual Basic 6
Weeks: 10
Cost: $250
CEU Credits: 3.5


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 is an industry tool of choice for software development and prototyping in today's corporate environment. This course is for people who have some experience with Visual Basic and would like to learn more about Visual Basic Objects, particularly how to create Objects of their own. This course will not cover ActiveX Controls or ActiveX Documents.

After successfully completing this course the student will:

Have a thorough understanding of using Visual Basic 6 to interact with Microsoft Access Databases via DAO and ADO


  • To understand what a Database is
  • To understand what a Table is
  • To understand Records, Fields, and Relationships
  • To become familiar with Database Design
  • To understand basic Data Access with the DAO Data Control
  • To understand the DAO Recordsete
  • To understand DAO Recordset Methods and Properties
  • To learn how to update a Database via the Recordset
  • To become familiar with ADO


  • Have basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows environment

  • Have programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic




  • A version of Visual Basic 6 that has the DAO Data Control and the DAO Database Grid

Table of Contents

Week 1:  The China Shop Revisited
Database Primer
  • Why Databases are important in Visual Basic Programming
  • The China Shop Revisited
  • What is a Database
  • Database and Tables
  • Tables and Records
  • Records and Fields
  • Keys
  • Planned Redundancy
  • Table Relationships
  • Types of Relationships
  • Referential Integrity
Week 2:  Database Design
  • Defining the China Shop Database
  • Database Design
  • Creating the China Shop Database in Access
  • Creating the China Shop Tables
  • Creating Relationships in the China Shop Database
  • Adding Data to the China Shop Tables
Week 3:  Basic Data Access with the Data Control
  • Connecting to a Microsoft Access Database
  • The Data Control in Action
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Data Control Properties
  • Data Control Events
  • Data Control Methods
  • Modifying the China Shop Projects
Week 4:  More on Data Access: the Recordset
  • The Recordset
  • DAO and ADO
  • The Data Control and the Recordset---Revisited
  • Recordset Types
  • The Recordset's Properties
Week 5:  More on the Recordset
  • Recordset Methods
  • A SQL Primer
Week 6:  Updating the Recordset
  • The Recordset's Update Methods
  • The AddNew Method
  • The Update Method
  • The Delete Method
  • The CancelUpdate and UpdateControls Methods
  • Error Handling
Week 7:  Completing the Staff Functions
  • The Masked Edit Control
  • Creating the Customers Form
  • Building up the Customers form
  • Coding the Customers Form
  • The DBGrid Control Revisited
  • Creating the Transactions Form
Week 8:  Enhancing the User Interface
  • Building up the China Shop Project
  • Creating the CustomerAsk Form
  • Creating the CustomerLookup Form
  • Creating the CustomerNew Form
Week 9:  Completing the China Shop Program
  • Changing Form Colors throughout the China Shop Project
  • Calculating Prices using the Database
  • Writing Transaction Records
  • Printing a Sales Receipt
Week 10:  ADO.Net
  • Modifying the China Shop Project to use ADO

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