Chapter 5, Problem #12 Test Data

When testing your program, it's important to know whether it works. One way to do this is to input values, and then compare your program's results with results you've already pre-calculated.

I've done that here for you---that is, an employee who works 40 hours at a rate of $25 per hour, will earn Gross Pay of $1000. His or her FICA wil be $71.50, their Federal Withholding $280, their State Withtholding $100. Total deductions will be $351.50, and their Net Pay will be $648.50.

Be sure your program does this calculation correctly---and also test one or two other scenarios.

Test Data  
Employee's name: John Smith
Number of weekly hours worked:   40
Hourly Rate of pay:   $25
Your program should calculate...  
Gross Pay      $1,000.00
FICA (7.15%)     $    71.50
Federal Withholding (28%)    $ 280.00
State Withholding (10%) $ 100.00
Total Deductions $ 351.50
Net Pay:    $ 648.50