Chapter 2 Margin Notes

General Note: This is an interesting chapter that discusses problem solving. Don't expect to be directly tested on this material, although you should always program like this.

Page 30. Saying what an algorithm is and knowing how to develop one are entirely different things.

Page 32. Check out the Problem Solving Tip. It's a good one.

Page 33. Desk-checking sounds great---but I don't know of anyone who does that anymore. It's just too easy to hit that compile button! However, it's not a bad idea to give a quick look at your code before you do so. Early in the programming game, it's not unusual to compile a program and to generate hundreds of errors---all because of a single line of code that is wrong. 

Page 39. Some of my all time favorite programs were written using Stepwise refinement---gradually building the program up to a robust product by starting out in a skeletonized manner. You can choose to write your programs like this if you wish (I heavily advise it), but there's no way I can say with certainty, after you have turned in your final product, if you did or not.

Page 42. Notice the naming conventions for functions.