CMIS 301 - Management Information Systems

Fall 1999
Tuesday evenings, 6:30-9:20 pm

Required Text:
Eseentials of Management Information Systems Third Edition by Kenneth Laudon and Jane Laudon
Other readings (short articles) may also be distributed.

Suggested Periodicals:



Course Objective:
Study of the various levels of information support systems used in business and the technology needed to support these. Includes hands-on use of spreadsheets as a decision support tool.

Academic Integrity:
Holy Family College expects of its students the highest standards of integrity in performance of academic assignments. Dishonesty in college work-whether it be quizzes, laboratory work, term papers, examinations, etc. is regarded as a serious offense and may result in failure in the course and dismissal from the college. Anyone who willfully assists another in the breach of integrity is held equally responsible and subject to the same penalty.

The components which will determine your grade for the course are:
	Homework and Quizzes		20%
	Excel Assignments		20%
	Midterm Examination		25%
	Final Examination		25%
	Class Participation		10%

Student Responsibilities:

Homework Assignments: Read the assigned chapter prior to each class.

Excel Assignments: No specific due date--turn in all 10 by the last night of class.

Web Quizzes: Link to the Publisher's website to take the online quiz--- email the results to me. Quizzes are due to me by due date (Midnight). 5 point deduction from your quiz grade for each day late. For example, if your quiz is due to me by Midnight September 21st, and you email it to me September 24th with a grade of 100%, you will receive a grade of 85%.

Mid-term exam: The mid-term exam will consist of multiple choice, True or False and fill in the blank type questions.

Final exam: The Final exam will consist of multiple choice, True or False and fill in the blank type questions. The Final exam is NOT cumulative.

Class Participation: Individual participation will be assessed through discussion of your knowledge on the material covered in the assigned chapters for class.

Attendance: >Required. The student is reponsible for letting the instructor know if there are extending circumstances that cause you to miss class (in advance).

Listen on KYW 1060 radio for the Holy Family Snow number = 2851. We will not have class if school is closed. Class is usually rescheduled for later in the term.

If you are having problems in the course, it is your responsibility to discuss these difficulties with me in a timely manner.

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Reading Requirements / Meeting Dates Outline:
8/31/1999 Introductions, Syllabus Distribution
Introductions, Course Overview, Course Requirements
No formal assignment
9/7/1999 Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
Read: Pages 1-37
Due: Chapter 1 Quizzes due by Midnight
9/14/1999 The Strategic Role of Information Systems
Read: Pages 37-74
Due: Chapter 2 Quizzes due by Midnight
9/21/1999 Information Systems, Organizations and Management
Read: Pages 75-141
Due: Chapter 3 Quizzes due by Midnight
9/28/1999 Ethical and Social Impact of Information Systems
Read: Pages 112-148
Due: Chapter 4 Quizzes due by Midnight
10/05/1999 Computers and Information Processing
Read: Pages 149-185
Due: Chapter 5 Quizzes due by Midnight
10/12/1999 Information Systems Software
Read: Pages 186-222
Due: Chapter 6 Quizzes due by Midnight
10/19/1999 Managing Data Resources/Telecommunications and Networks
Read: Pages 223-263
Due: Chapter 7 amd 8 Quizzes due by Midnight
10/26/1999 Midterm Examination
11/02/1999 Fall Break
No Assignment
11/09/1999 The Internet: Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business
Read: Pages 264-307
Due: Chapter 9 Quizzes due by Midnight
11/16/1999 Redesigning the Organization with InformationSystems
Read: Pages 308-349
Due: Chapter 10 Quizzes due by Midnight
11/23/1999 Approaches to Systems Building
Read: Pages 350-391
Due: Chapter 11 Quizzes due by Midnight
11/30/1999 Managing Knowledge/Programming, Enhancing Management Decision Making
Read: Pages 392-433
Due: Chapter 12 and 13 Quizzes due by Midnight
12/07/1999 Controlling Information Systems/Managing International Information Systems
Read: Pages 433-478
Due: Chapter 14 and 15 Quizzes due by Midnight
12/14/1999 Final Examination
All Excel Assignments Due

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