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Classes for Monday, February 17, 2003 are cancelled. We will 'double up' next week's class. See modified schedule below.

CMIS 408 - Database Management

Spring 2003
Monday evenings, 6:30-9:20 pm

John Smiley
       Home Office Phone: (856)786-4216. If I'm not there, identify yourself as a student, and leave a message. Be sure to leave a return phone number. 
Required Text:
Modern Database Management. 6th Edition by Hoffer, Prescott and McFadden
Access 2000 Essentials Basic by Ferrett, Preston and Preston   Website for the Hoffer Textbook
Other readings (short articles) may also be distributed.

Course Objective:
An examination of data structures, file organization, and logical design of large-scale database systems using relational and object-oriented models. Includes a hands-on database design experience.

Academic Integrity:
Holy Family College expects of its students the highest standards of integrity in performance of academic assignments. Dishonesty in college work, whether it be quizzes, laboratory work, term papers, examinations, etc. is regarded as a serious offense and may result in failure in the course and dismissal from the college. Anyone who willfully assists another in the breach of integrity is held equally responsible and subject to the same penalty.

The components which will determine your grade for the course are:

        Midterm Examination        35%
        Final Examination             35%
        Database Design Project   20%
        Homework Assignments     10%

Student Responsibilities:
Homework Assignments:
Read the assigned chapter prior to coming to class. 

Holy Family College does not recognize the cut system. Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratory sessions regularly and may not absent themselves except for illness or some other serious matter. Attendance is especially important during the first three weeks of classes. Students may not extend their vacation beyond the date assigned for return to college without the approval of the associate provost for academic student services. Students who do not attend classes during this period may jeopardize their enrollment and may be administratively withdrawn from classes. Such actions may jeopardize their financial aid status as well.

Instructors maintain a record of class attendance. All students are expected to meet their usual class responsibilities until the hour set by the college calendar for the beginning of a vacation period. In any semester, absences equal to twice the number of weekly contact hours of a given class are deemed excessive. Final grades and/or the receipt of academic credit may be effected by excessive absences. In any case in which absences exceed the allotted number, the instructor and the associate provost for academic student services will determine whether circumstances warrant an exception to policy.


        Read the assigned chapter prior to coming to class

        Each student will be expected to complete (on their own) a Database Design Project

        The Midterm examination will consist of multiple choice, True or False, and Fill-in-the-blank type questions. Expect 70 to 100 questions.

        The Final examination will consist of multiple choice, True or False, and Fill-in-the-blank type questions. Expect 70 to 100 questions.

        The Final examination is NOT cumulative.

        Monday, January 20, 2003 is a college holiday.

        Monday, March 10, 2003 we will not meet--Spring Break.

        Monday, April 21, 2003 is a college holiday--Easter Monday.


Grading System (from the college catalog):
A    94-100                 Outstanding master of the subject
B+   90-93.99             Superior; above-average mastery of the subject
B     86-89.99    
C+    81-85.99             Average; satisfactory mastery of the subject
C     77-80.99    
D+    73-76.99             Passing; showing deficiency in ability or industry; not transferable; not acceptable in major area of study
D     70-72.99              Not acceptable in major field of study
F      69.99 and below   Failure; credit can be earned only by repeating the course

Listen on KYW 1060 radio for the Holy Family Snow number = 2124. We will not have class if school is closed. Class is usually rescheduled for later in the term.

If you are having problems in the course, it is your responsibility to discuss these difficulties with me in a timely manner.

Reading Requirements / Meeting Dates Outline:
01/13/2003 Introductions, Course Overview, Course Requirements
The Database Environment
The Database Development Process
Read: Chapters 1 and 2.
01/20/2003 Martin Luther King Day---College Closed
01/27/2003 Modeling Data in the Organization
Read: Chapter 3
Complete: Access Essentials Projects 1 and 2
02/03/2003 The Enhanced E-R Model and Business Rules
Read: Chapter 4
02/10/2003 Logical Database Design and the Relational Model
Read: Chapter 5
Complete: Access Essentials Project 3
02/17/2003 Class cancelled
02/24/2003 Physical Database Design and Performance
SQl and Advanced SQL
Read: Chapters 6, 7 and 8
Complete: Access Essentials Project 4
03/03/2003 Midterm Examination (Chapters 1 through 8)
03/10/2003 Spring Break---College Closed
03/17/2003 The Client/Server Database Environment
Read: Chapter 9
Complete: Access Essentials Project 5
03/24/2003 The Internet Database Environment
Read: Chapter 10
03/31/2003 Data Warehousing
Read: Chapter 11
Complete: Access Essentials Project 6
04/07/2003 Data and Database Administration
Read: Chapter 12
04/14/2003 Distributed Databases
Read: Chapter 13
Complete: Access Essentials Project 7
04/21/2003 Easter Monday---College Closed
04/28/2003 Object-Oriented Data Modeling
Object-Oriented Database Development
Read: Chapters 14 and 15
Complete: Access Essentials Project 8
05/06/2003 Final Examination (Chapters 9 through 15)

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