CMIS 439 - Senior Seminar

Summer 2000
Independent Study

  • Reading Requirements /
    Meeting Dates Outline
  • Grading
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Attendance

  • Required Text:
    Suggested Periodicals:
    Course Objective:
    This course serves as the capstone CMIS course. In this course, ordinarily you would be expected to participate in discussions, demonstrate hardware and software use competency, conduct research in the computer area and formally present this research to the class.

    In an Independent Study mode, the format of the course changes a bit. Because there are no official classroom meetings, formal discussions are impossible.

    Academic Integrity:
    Holy Family College expects of its students the highest standards of integrity in performance of academic assignments. Dishonesty in college work-whether it be quizzes, laboratory work, term papers, examinations, etc. is regarded as a serious offense and may result in failure in the course and dismissal from the college. Anyone who willfully assists another in the breach of integrity is held equally responsible and subject to the same penalty.
    The components which will determine your grade for the course are:
    	Programming Assignment		45%
    	Research Assignment		45%
    	Resume Assignment		10%

    Student Responsibilities:
    Programming Assignment:
    Use a computer language of your choice to write a program of your choice. The program can do anything---however, write it from the perspective that it will form an 'executable resume' of your programming prowess developed here at Holy Family College.

    Include with the program a Requirements Statement, and a testing methodology you followed (and that I can follow) to ensure that it runs 'bug free'.

    Research Paper
    You will conduct research on a major company in the computer industry. The paper (10 to 20 pages) should include (but not be restricted to) the company's main product(s) or product line(s), major competitors, operating environment (social, legal, political, etc.), etec.

    If the company is publicly traded, the latest annual report should be included in an appendix (don't include the appendix in the page count).

    Each student will do a different company. Suggestions are listed below. Companies will be assigned on a first come basis.

    Students will be required to submit a resume. Students must also develop and submit a 'job finding' strategy that they will employe to find a job in their chosen field.

    Independent Study. Regular Attendance not required.

    Listen on KYW 1060 radio for the Holy Family Snow number = 2851. We will not have class if school is closed. Class is usually rescheduled for later in the term.

    If you are having problems in the course, it is your responsibility to discuss these difficulties with me in a timely manner.