Professor Smiley's Associates Page

Consultants, Web Designers

August Development, Abington PA
I know his Web Site doesn't look impressive, but Andy and company are top-notch. Andy is just about the smartest guy I've ever met, and he's even consulted for Bill Gates himself. 

Bayside Technology, Orlando, FL
Bob Lautenbach is another smart guy, and he does great work. He literally works 24 hours a day, and has produced an impressive array of Web Sites and Web Applications. 

Kevin Saunders Web Design, London
Kevin Saunders is a former student of mine, and I can attest to his abilities.

NICHRIS Computer Consultants  Atco, NJ
Bob Reader, President of NICHRIS Computer Consultants, is a good friend of mine---he's hardworking and honst and will do a great job for you

Time Dream Productions, Philadelphia, Pa 
Time Dream Productions is owned and operated by a former student of mine, Jon Lomas. Another very talented computer guy if you need a Web Site designed., Philadelphia area.
Another one of my students, Tom Daugherty, does great work! Check out his site.

Volunteers/Free Help

Join my HelpwithVB group
One of my most successful free/volunteer efforts, this group willingly answers VB questions all day long. You'll need to join---once you've done that, you can then post a message to the group and see if anyone has an answer for you.