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Last Update: September 29, 2009

Hi John!

My name is Zaur and I'm a systems administrator in an Italian company (in Italy). Originally I'm from Azerbaijan.

I'm reading your book "How to program with C#" and would like to say that this is a really great book!

It's so easy to follow and the material is set forth so clearly! I feel myself in the classroom while reading it!

Just a Great Book!"

Zaur Bahramov

John Smiley's books may not be the only books in market you find that illustrate as real world problems being solved.

But I've never read such ones that gave me, also, real world field experience- how to talk to my clients, how to collect data I need for my project, how to work with people in groups, and so forth.

I recommend these books to people who, not only, want to pursue programming as their career but also who want to fall in love with it."

Fasil Girma