Having problems running the compiler?

You may need to follow these steps.

Running VCVARS32.BAT

vcvars32.bat sets the appropriate environment variables to enable command line builds.


  1. At the command prompt, change to the \bin subdirectory of your installation.
  2. Run VCVARS32.bat by typing VCVARS32.
    Caution   VCVARS32.bat can vary from machine to machine. Do not replace a missing or damaged VCVARS32.bat file with a VCVARS32.bat from another machine. Rerun setup to replace the missing file.

For more information about vcvars32.bat, see the following Knowledge Base article:

If the current version of Visual Studio is installed on a computer that also has a previous version of Visual Studio, you should not run vcvars32.bat from different versions in the same command window