Extra Credit
March 30, 2010

Using what you know about me and my Website as its basis,


write a 10 page, double spaced type written paper that...

1. Tells what my business is? What do I sell? What do I offer? What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Be as detailed as possible.

2. Critique my web site detailing the good points, the bad points, and recommendations to improve it.  Be as detailed as possible.

3. I want to be able to accept payments of $1 or less in my Internet business (these are sometimes called Micropayments). Research this issue, and tell me what you find along with recommendations on how I can do this.

4. I'm currently offering scholarships for books and Internet classes to some select Internet students---military, disabled, countries with low levels of Personal Income. Obviously, I'd like to make some revenue from these students. Give me your ideas as to how I can find someone to sponsor/pay for these students. Be as detailed as possible.

5. Sometimes the best businesses are those that no one knows about. Develop a plan for getting my books/classes noticed. Be as detailed as possible.

6. Anything else that you can think of.