Chapter 11 Margin Notes

General Note: This is really an interesting chapter--both for you and for me. Be sure to read it carefully---it may help you in your daily life.

Page 420, Business Ethics. An important component of this chapter.

Page 421, Real World Case #1: Cyberscams: Four Top Cybercrimials: Who They Are and What They Do. Very interesting! 

Page 424, Enron Corporation: Failure in Business Ethics. A great example.

Page 426, Computer Crime. Have you been a victim yet?

Page 426, Paypal, Inc.: Cybercrime on the Internet. Have you bought anything with Paypal?

Page 427, Hacking and Cracking. I read a great book on computer hacking a few years ago---it's called Cyberpunk. Technically, there are hackers and crackers. Can you tell me the difference? Here's the link to the book

Page 428, Figure 11.7. A good figure to summarize the Common Hacking Tactics.

Page 429, Citibank: Getting "Phished". Has this happened to you? It has to me.

Page 429, Unauthorized Use at Work. Do you surf the Internet at work? Is that wrong? Is it ethical? Is it a crime?

Page 430, Figure 11.8. A good summary of Internet abuses in the workplace. Are you guilt of any of these?

Page 431, AGM Conainer Controls: Stealing Time and Resources. Good one.

Page 431, Software Piracy. This can be a big problem. Unauthorized copying of software is stealing---I know, I'd be a millionaire if people didn't copy some of the fun programs I've written and pass them on. As they say, if I had a nickel for every....

Page 431, Theft of Intellectural property. More pervasive than you can believe, my books have been pilfered by thousands of people. Right now, in fact, you can read the entire contents of many of my books on free.

Page 432, Copying Music CDs: Intellectual Property Controversy. What do you think? Is this illegal?

Page 432, Computer Viruses and Worms. Ever have one of these? 

Page 432, University of Chicago: The Nmida Worm Privacy Issues. Check it out.

Page 434, Adware and Spyware. The latest in computer viruses.

Page 435, Trends in Virus and Spam Attacks. Have you been the victim of a virus or spam?

Page 436, Privacy Issues. This could be the most significant issue in the chapter. How often do you reveal personal details of your life on your computer?

Page 438, ID Analytics Study: Identity Theft Often Goes Unrecognized by Both Consumers and Businesses. Have you  known anyone whose identity has been stolen? I have--two people.

Page 441, Computer Monitoring. Is your employer monitoring you?

Page 443, Ergonomics. There's a term bound to show up on the Final Examination.

Page 445, Security Management of Information Technology. OK--now we get a bit nerdy. Read the Case Study on Page 446.

Page 445, Providence Health and Cervalis: Security Management. Another good one :)

Page 446, Real World Case #2: Lowe's, TCI, Bank of America, ChoicePoint, and Others. Check it out!

Pages 448-451. Be sure you understand the following terms: Encryption, FireWall, Denial of Service Attack. 

Page 450, Barry Nance: Testing PC Firewall Security. Check it out.

Page 451, MTV Networks: Denial lf Service Defenses. Check it out.

Page 452, Sonalysts, Inc. Corporate e-Mail Monitoring. Is your employer monitoring you?

Page 454, Trusecure and 724 Inc.: Limitations of Antivirus Software. Check it out.

Page 454, Other Security Measures. Be sure to read this section. Make sure you know what Biometric Security is (Page 455). Also be sure you understand what the terms 'Fault Tolerant Systems' and 'Disaster Recovery' mean.

Page 457, Visa International: Fault Tolerant Systems. Check it out.

Page 457, System Controls and Audits. I'm sure after reading about the horrible things that can happen to a Business System, you understand why Controls and Audits are necessary.

Page 463, Real World Case #3: Western Corporate Federal Credit Union and Others: Managing Information Security. Don't miss this one!