Chapter 8 Margin Notes

General Note: Chapter 7 dealt with eBusiness. This Chapter deals with eCommerce, which has more of a customer or consumer perspective.

Page 288, The Scope of e-Commerce. The author may be splitting hairs, but he's correct in that there are three types of e-Commerce. For your own peace of mine, be familiar with all three types, although you are most likely to use B2C.

Page 289, Real World Case #1, eBay, Inc. Notice the customer perspective that eCommerce brings that eBusiness did not.

Page 292, Essential e-Commerce Processes. Figure 8.4 may be too 'busy' for you, but try to get through this material. It is important, and is a nice summary. Figure 8-4 is expanded upon in the following pages.

Page 294. As always, when the material gets very dry, be sure to read the highlighted company profile (in this case, Cabletron Systems)

Page 297, Electronic Payment Processes. This stuff is really important--e-Commerce is no good if you can't collect your payments, and if your customers don't fee comfortable with the process. I really love this stuff, and students who submit a final paper on this topic usually do very well :)

Page 300, e-Commerce Applications and Issues. The Application part is easy--make sure you understand the issues.

Page 301, Real World Case #2: Entellium, Digg, and others. Check this out.

Page 303, Figure 8.9. Argh--it's another one of these. What exactly does this mean? I still can't figure it out. Do you know what it says?

Page 304, Figure 8.10. Check out some of these Websites. Have you ever used any? Eddie Bauer and Lands' End?

Page 304, Figure 8.11. What makes e-Commerce successful? Does this mesh with your experience? What do you hate about e-Commerce Websites? What do you love about them?

Page 306, Don't forget to read about my favorite online retailer.

Page 306, Developing a Web Store. Pretty interesting--even if you aren't likely to 'build' one or manage one of your own..

Page 307, Freemerchant, Prodigy Bix, and Google Adwords. Check it out.

Page 309, Verio Inc. Website Management--short, but interesting.

Page 309, Business-to-Business e-Commerce. Doesn't get too much attention in this book, even though it's a really big deal to me. Pay some attention to it. 

Page 310. Be sure to read about Cisco Systems, and how they use B2B to make their business even more successful.

Page 312, Chemconnect and Heritage Systems. Read about them.

Page 315, Citigroup company profile. Be sure to read about them--they just bought my bank!

Page 321, Real World Case #3: Yahoo and Flickr. Be sure to read it.