96 of them....2011 Dates along with 2012 Dates, if known (Last Update: February 25, 2012)

Name Location Benefits 2011 Date 2012 Date Building Floors Steps
28th Bop to the Top Indianapolis Riley's Hosptal for Children  22-Jan-11  21-Jan-12  One America Tower 36 806
Fight For Air Climb New York ALA None held 21-Jan-12 One Penn Plaza 55  
3rd Big D Climb Dallas Leukemia Society 29-Jan-11 28-Jan-12 Fontain Place 52 1040
14th Step Up for Kids Chicago Children's Memorial Center 30-Jan-11 29-Jan-12 AON Center 80 1643
34th Empire State Building Run Up New York   1-Feb-11 8-Feb-12 Empire State Building 86 1576
Fight for Air Climb Boston ALA 5-Feb-11 4-Feb-12 One Boston Place 41 697
Fight for Air Climb Jacksonville, FL ALA 5-Feb-11 4-Feb-12 Bank of America Tower 42 838
CFF Climb Minneapolis CFF 5-Feb-11   IDS Building 50 1280
MS Climb Winston-Salem National MS Society 5-Feb-11   Winston Tower 30  
9th Tackle The Tower Cleveland Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland 5-Feb-11 4-Feb-12 Galleria and Tower at Erieview 38 646
Fight for Air Climb New Haven, CT ALA None 11-Feb-12 360 State Street 32 413
Fight for Air Climb Buffalo, NY ALA 12-Feb-11 10-Mar-12 HSBC Center 40 800
Fight for Air Climb Columbus, OH ALA 12-Feb-11 28-Jan-12 The Rhodes Tower 24 453
Fight for Air Climb Oakbrook Terrace, IL ALA 13-Feb-11 12-Feb-12 Oakbrook Terrace Tower 31 680
Fight for Air Climb Springfield, IL ALA 19-Feb-11 18-Feb-12 Hilton Springfield 30  
Fight for Air Climb Cincinnati, OH ALA 20-Feb-11 19-Feb-12 The Carew Tower 45 804
Fight for Air Climb Albuquerque, NM ALA 26-Feb-11 4-Mar-12 Albuquerque Plaza 19 428
Fight for Air Climb Dallas, TX ALA 26-Feb-11 18-Feb-12 Renaissance Tower 53  
Fight for Air Climb Minneapolis, MN ALA 26-Feb-11 25-Feb-12 Accenture Tower 30 660
Fight for Air Climb Providence, RI ALA 26-Feb-11 25-Feb-12 One Financial Plaza    
Fight for Air Climb Salt Lake City, UT ALA 26-Feb-11 25-Feb-12 Wells Fargo Center 23 598
CFF Climb San Antonio CFF 26-Feb-11   Tower of the Americas 58 952
5th Trek up the Tower Omaha WELCOM 26-Feb-11 25-Feb-12 First National Tower 40 870
Fight for Air Climb Denver ALA 27-Feb-11 26-Feb-12 Republic Plaza 56 1098
Fight for Air Climb San Diego ALA 27-Feb-11 18-Mar-12 Omni Hotel San Diego 31 561
CFF Climb Philadelphia CFF 27-Feb-11 26-Feb-12 Mellon Bank Center 53 1019
MS Climb New York National MS Society 27-Feb-11 4-Mar-12 Rockefeller Center 66  
14th Hustle Up The Hancock Chicago Respiratory Health Association 27-Feb-11 26-Feb-12 John Hancock Center 94 1632
CFF Climb Albany, NY CFF 3-Mar-11   Empire State Plaza 42 809
Fight for Air Climb Cleveland, OH ALA 5-Mar-11 3-Mar-12 The Terminal Tower 42 804
Fight for Air Climb Oklahoma City, OK ALA 5-Mar-11 Not this year First National Center 29  
Fight for Air Climb Springfield, MA ALA 5-Mar-11 3-Mar-12 One Monarch Place 24 528
CFF Climb Columbus, OH CFF 5-Mar-11 3-Mar-12 Rhodes State Office Tower 40  
CFF Climb Oklahoma City, OK CFF 5-Mar-11   Oklahoma City Red Hawks Stadium    
Fight for Air Climb Detroit ALA 6-Mar-11 4-Mar-12 Renaissance Center 70 1035
Fight for Air Climb Indianapolis ALA 12-Mar-11 10-Mar-12 One Indiana Square 39  
Fight for Air Climb Jackson ALA 12-Mar-11 25-Feb-12 Trustmark Park Stadium    
Fight for Air Climb Las Vegas ALA 12-Mar-11 3-Mar-12 Stratosphere Hotel Tower 108 1455
Fight for Air Climb Milwaukee ALA 19-Mar-11 17-Mar-12 U.S. Bank Center 47 1034
Fight for Air Climb Philadelphia ALA 19-Mar-11 24-Mar-12 Three Logan Square 50 1088
Fight for Air Climb Pittsburgh ALA 19-Mar-11   Gulf Tower 38 760
Fight for Air Climb St. Louis ALA 19-Mar-11 10-Mar-12 The Metropolitan Building 42 1000
Fight for Air Climb Wilkes-Barre, PA ALA 19-Mar-11 24-Mar-12 Mohegan Sun Arena   1224
25th Big Climb Seattle Seattle Leukemia Society 20-Mar-11 25-Mar-12 The Columbia Center 69 1311
Fight for Air Climb Hartford, CT ALA 26-Mar-11 30-Mar-12 Hartford 21 34 686
Fight for Air Climb San Francisco ALA 26-Mar-11 31-Mar-12 555 California Street 52 1197
Fight for Air Climb Tampa, FL ALA 26-Mar-11 24-Mar-12 Bank of America Plaza 42 914
1st Race to the Top Charlotte, NC Levine Children's Hospital 26-Mar-11 24-Mar-12 Duke Energy Center 49 1194
Fight for Air Climb Chicago ALA 27-Mar-11 11-Mar-12 Presidential Towers 45 931
Fight for Air Climb Des Moines, IA ALA 27-Mar-11 4-Mar-12 Des Moines Marriot 66 1177
Fight for Air Climb Tulsa, OK ALA 2-Apr-11 7-Apr-12 BOK Tower 50 810
Fight for Air Climb Sacramento, OK ALA None 24-Mar-12 Wells Fargo Center   612
2nd Step Up for the Up Center Norfolk, VA The Up Center 3-Apr-11 25-Mar-12 Dominion Tower 100 2320
Fight for Air Climb Greenville, SC ALA 9-Apr-11 14-Apr-12 One & Two Liberty Square 30  
Fight for Air Climb Wichita, KS ALA 9-Apr-11 21-Apr-12 Intrust Bank Arena 34 828
Fight for Air Climb Hershey, PA ALA 16-Apr-11 29-Apr-12 Hershey Park Stadium   2000
Fight for Air Climb Miami, FL ALA 16-Apr-11 14-Apr-12 Southeast Financial Center 55 1210
Fight for Air Climb Reno, NV ALA 17-Apr-11 15-Apr-12 Silver Legacy Resort Casino 36 579
Fight for Air Climb Fort Meyers, FL ALA 30-Apr-11 28-Apr-12 High Point Place 30 514
Fight for Air Climb Kansas City, MO ALA None 14-Apr-12 Town Pavilion 34 900
Fight for Air Climb Los Angeles, CA ALA 30-Apr-11 31-Mar-12 AON Center 62 1377
Fight for Air Climb Atlanta, GA ALA 14-May-11   The Equitable Building 32  
Fight for Air Climb Austin, TX ALA 14-May-11 19-May-12 Frost Bank Tower 30 660
Fight for Air Climb Birmingham, AL ALA 14-May-11   Wells Fargo Tower    
Fight for Air Climb Little Rock, AR ALA 14-May-11 5-May-12 Metropolitan Tower 39 916
Fight for Air Climb Bennington, VB ALA 21-May-11   Bennington Monument   438
Fight for Air Climb Columbia, SC ALA 21-May-11 2-Jun-12 The Capitol Center 40 479
Fight for Air Climb Houston, TX ALA 21-May-11 24-Mar-12 First City Tower 48  
Fight for Air Climb Fort Worth, TX ALA 11-Jun-11   Carter Burgess Tower 39  
Fight for Air Climb Albany, NY ALA 12-Jun-11   Commerce Plaza    
Fight for Air Climb Charleston, SC ALA 30-Jul-11 28-Jul-12 North Charleston Colliseum Stadium   1544
CFF Climb Fort Worth, TX CFF 10-Sep-11 25-08-12 Chesepeake Energy Building 20  
CFF Climb Orlando, FL CFF 17-Sep-11   World Center Marriot Hotel 28  
MS Climb Boston, MA MS Society 17-Sep-11 3-Mar-12 The John Hancock Tower 61 1120
18th Stair Climb for Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA YMCA 23-Sep-11   US Bank Tower 75 1500
CFF Climb Dallas, TX CFF 24-Sep-11   Bank of America Plaza 70 1540
MS Climb Virginia Beach, VA National MS Society 24-Sep-11   Westin Virginia Beach Town Center 36  
2nd Story by Story New York InMotion 6-Oct-11   1411 Broadway 42  
Fight for Air Climb Anchorage, AK ALA 15-Oct-11   Anchorage Hilton 35  
Fight for Air Climb Seattle, WA ALA 23-Oct-11   Union Square 51 1010
CFF Climb Boston, MA CFF 23-Oct-11   International Place 46 900
CFF Climb Mobile, ALA CFF 23-Oct-11   Batllehouse Tower 34 650
CFF Climb Raleigh, NC CFF 29-Oct-11   Wachovia Capitol Center 28 1019
CFF Climb San Francisco, CA CFF 5-Nov-11   One Sansome Street 40 900
3rd Sky Rise Chicago Chicago, IL Rehab Institute of Chicago 6-Nov-11   Willis (Sears) Tower 103 2109
Fight for Air Climb Ft. Lauderdale, FL ALA 12-Nov-11   110 Tower 30 529
Fight for Air Climb Orlando, FL ALA 12-Nov-11   Bank of America Tower 25 512
Fight for Air Climb Phoenix, AZ ALA 13-Nov-11   Renaissance Square 53 1272
CFF Climb Milwakukee, WI CFF 17-Nov-11   US Bank Building 47 1034
Fight for Air Climb Palm Beach, FL ALA 19-Nov-11   Phillips Points 20 440
Fight for Air Climb Stamford, CT ALA 19-Nov-11   Trump Parc 34 588
CFF Climb Seattle, WA CFF 1-Dec-11   The Tower at 1201 56 1120
CFF Climb Los Angeles, CA CFF 3-Dec-11   Figueroa at Wilshire 51 1274
1st Special Olympics Stair Climb Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA Special Olympics 4-Dec-11   Mellon Bank Center 53 1019
CFF Climb Chicago CFF 11-Dec-11   LaSalle 53 1019