These are the Frequently Asked Questions (answered) in my book...

General Questions about Stair Climbs
#1. Is the Climb a race?
#2. Why do the Climb Organizers call it a climb when we actually walk or run up?
#3. Where can I find a list of buildings to climb?
#4. How difficult is this Stair Climb going to be?
#5. Will my legs hurt?
#6. Has anyone ever died doing a stair climb?
#7. Do you have a list of tall buildings in which I can train?
#8. What kind of training should I do?

Questions About Registration
#9. Do I need a Credit Card to register?
#10. Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend the climb?
#11. Can I walk up and register on Climb Day?
#12. What is a Pledge Minimum?
#13. Where can I hand in donations?
#14. Can I get a receipt for my donors?

Questions About Training
#15. Is two months enough time to train for my first Stair Climb?
#16. Should I try to do a Stair Climb if I haven't trained?
#17. I am concerned about injury, especially my knees.
#18. I'd love to climb, but my knees are 'bone on bone'.
#19. Is it "OK" to just go into a tall building and begin a training session? Is it customary to ask permission from the facilities manager or other?
#20. Do you recommend a StairMaster as a good way of training?
#21. What's your opinion of Machines versus Real Steps?
#22. How long will it take to get ready for a 50 floor Stair Climb?
#23. What do you think about while you are climbing stairs?
#24. I know what's considered an average, a good and a fabulous time for running a 5K. What are the equivalent times for a Stair Climb?
#25. Has anyone ever trained for a Stair Climb by walking up the down escalator?
#26. Have you tried training with weights while running up stairs? Like 2 or 3 pound dumbbells?
#27. Is there a way to make practice climbing harder?
#28. Will there be a practice climb in the actual Climb Day building?

Questions about the Climb Itself
#29 How does the Climb work?
#30. How long will the Climb last?
#31. How many floors and steps are there in a Climb?
#32. How long will it take me to climb to the top of the building?
#33. How steep are the steps in a high rise fire escape?
#34. Do any of the Stair Climbs offer a breakfast?
#35. What is a vertical mile?
#36. Can teams do the Climb Relay Style?
#37. What does "Full Gear" mean to the First Responder Challenge?
#38. What is an Elite Climber?
#39. Should I climb with my team or as an Elite Climber?
#40. Can I climb with my friends even though we aren't on a Team together?
#41. What if I don't want to climb but I am interested in helping with an event?
#42. Is water provided in the stairwells?
#43. How many rest stops will there be along the climb to the top
#44. What's a wave and what's a wave time?
#45. Can I carry my baby in a baby pack up the stair well?
#46. Can I carry a small child up the stair well.?
#47. Can my children participate?
#48. Are pets allowed?
#49. Can I climb the building multiple times?
#50. Will there be Emergency Response Technicians on hand?
#51. Can our family and friends come and watch?
#52. Will I get a t-shirt?

Questions About Climb day
#53. What's a Climb Packet?
#54. Where is the Climb Packet Pick-up?
#55. Can I pick up the Climb Packets for other people on my team?
#56. How will I know my start time?
#57. What time should I be there?
#58. I am volunteering, what time should I arrive and where should I go?
#59. What if I miss my start time?
#60. What should I eat before the climb?
#61. Where should I park?
#62. What should I bring with me on the day of the climb?
#63. What should I do with my personal belongings. Is there a bag check?
#64. What should I wear to the climb?
#65. What kind of shoes should I wear to the Stair climb?
#66. Can I dress up in funny costumes to do the climb?
#67. Where are the rest rooms?
#68. What is a bib?
#69. Can I trade my bib/timing device number for another one?
#70. Where do the Timing Chips go?
#71. How do the Timing Chips Work?
#72. Can we carry stuff on us while we climb?
#73. Can we carry our things in a backpack during the climb?
#74. Can I bring my own water bottle with me in the stair well?
#75. What about a Camelbak?
#76. Can I use an iPod or iPhone for music?
#77. Can I wear my headphones?

Questions About Going Up The Stairs
#78. Does everyone go up the stairs at once?
#79. Is it possible to get lost in the stairway?
#80. Are the stairwells crowded?
#81. Should I use the handrails to pull myself up?
#82. When you climb, should you skip steps (double step) or do single steps?
#83. Can I pass someone on the Stairs?
#84. How do I pass other climbers in the stairwells?
#85. Can I exit the stairwell and walk in the building?
#86. If I can't get all the way to the top, I'll feel like a loser
#87. Suppose I cramp up while I'm climbing up the stairs?

Questions About The Top Of The Building
#88. What should I expect at the finish line?
#89. Once we reach the top of the building, how do we get down?
#90. When we reach the top of the building, will we be able to look out?
#91. How Much Time Will I Have at the Top to Enjoy the View?
#92. Can my friends and family meet me at the top?

Questions About After The Climb
#93. Besides being the first climber to the top, are there any other prizes awarded?
#94. Where and When are the award ceremonies held?
#95. Are there awards for the oldest climber?
#96. What do participants receive?
#97. What are incentive prizes?
#98. How do I get my incentive prize?
#99. When will I know my climb time?
#100. Where can I see pictures from the event?