Hi folks

I'm happy to announce that my latest book, Learn to Program with Python, is now available for sale.

Once again, I want to thank all of you who showed an interest in and encouraged me to complete this book.

In the old days when I had a book series with a major publisher, there was a lot more incentive to complete a book like this in a timely manner. Contractual
obligations, nagging editors, etc.

With self publishing, the incentive mainly comes from loyal fans of my books like you---thank you!

Back to the book...

This is a 368 page, 8 chapter Introductory book on Python.

Python is a wonderful, cross platform language. It runs on Windows, Macs, Unix and Linux boxes, and most importantly, it can be downloaded for free. The book
was written using the latest Python 3.x version.

Having worked on this book for 2 1/2 years, I modestly say it is the best Introductory book on Python that I have read. However, it is an Introductory book and I
encourage you to read the Outline of the book before you rush out and purchase it.

Anything not covered in this book will be handled in the 2 books I plan to follow it

Learn to Program with Python Classes and Objects
Learn to Program the Python Graphical User Interface

The outline of the book can be found here...


The book is written in the "Classroom in a Book" style that I have popularized in my 20 years of writing computer programming books. You will find yourself
immersed in a classroom with 18 others learners who will ask 100's of questions and receive my answers in an actual classroom dialog style. This style is
praised for its success with many types of learners, but it isn't for everyone. Self learners really love it---particularly if you are reading the book at 2am alone in
your house or hotel room---you'll never be lonely.

The book includes 100's of example programs you can code yourself, many practice exercises, and a complete working project that I encourage you to code for
yourself as you read the book.

All of the Example programs, Practice exercises, and Project can be download here...


Learn to Program with Python is available for purchase in print form, in both standard binding and spiral binding (which is ideal if you are following along with the book as you code the examples.)

You can order the book directly from my Print On Demand Service, Lulu.com.

This is the link for the Standard Binding from Lulu, which is $29.99 plus shipping (typically $3.99 I believe)


This is the link for the Spiral Binding from Lulu, which is $29.99 plus shipping (typically $3.99)


I'm also offering Autographed versions of both the Standard and Spiral binding for $38 ($35 via PayPal) which includes shipping.

I'm sorry the Autographed version costs more, but I have to pay for shipping to my house, then shipping to yours :)

This is the link for the Autographed Standard Binding


This is the link for the Autographed Spiral Binding


The book is also available on the Amazon Kindle Store here...


And also the Barnes & Noble Nook store here...


Again, thanks for your support and encouragement with this book.

I'm off to start Learn to Program with Python Classes and Objects.

I wish you and your families a Healthy and Happy New Year in 2018!

John Smiley