Missing People I'm trying to contact

I've lost contact, in the last few months, with the following people, and my emails are either coming back undeliverable or seem to be going unread (perhaps they're being filtered by an overjealous filer :)

If you're on my list, and happen to see this page, would you email me or give me a call at 856-786-4216. I'd love to hear from you again.

  1. Robin at RKFineArts
  2. Jeff Blackwell (Eastern Telelogic)
  3. Kathy Brahl (Holy Family student)
  4. Steve Ciecka (Holy Family)
  5. Jim Day (Penn State Student)
  6. Pete Doroshenko
  7. Gerry Dowgul (NABISCO)
  8. Valerie Fusco (Penn State student)
  9. Gary Gibbons (Seattle)
  10. Sheldon Judson (Penn State student)
  11. Steve O'Brien (Holy Family)
  12. Beth Panzini (Penn State)
  13. Rachel and Marge O'Rourke
  14. Greg Smith (Holy Family and Temple University Law School)
  15. Chris Waters (Holy Family)