Learn To Program With VB.Net 2008 Express

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(Last update: September 7, 2008)

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Every author endeavors for perfection. My apologies for the typos that have slipped through. We'll do our best to have these corrected for the next printing.

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Page 359, Step 7. You might consider revising the text to indicate that the OK button must be pressed to end the program.

Page 370, MessageBoxIcon Enum table – you might mention that Microsoft discourages the use of the Question icon. Here is an extract from Microsoft, with the URL where I found this message:



The message box contains a symbol consisting of a question mark in a circle. The question-mark message icon is no longer recommended because it does not clearly represent a specific type of message and because the phrasing of a message as a question could apply to any message type. In addition, users can confuse the message symbol question mark with Help information. Therefore, do not use this question mark message symbol in your message boxes. The system continues to support its inclusion only for backward compatibility.


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