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Errata and Source Code
(Last update:
July 27, 2011)

Source Code

Interested in Source Code? You can download a Zip File (it's not large, about (95 Kb) of all the Examples and Exercises from the book by clicking here. Once downloaded, uncompress the file, and a folder called LTPJFILES will be installed on your PC. There are subfolders called Examples, Grades and Practice, with subfolders for each chapter in the book. In order to run the code, you'll need to compile the source code into Java Bytecode classes.

Errata list

Every author endeavors for perfection. My apologies for the typos that have slipped through. We'll do our best to have these corrected for the next printing.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

        int number = 23;

        should be

        int number2 = 23;

        should be

"a result of 0 from the modulus operation indicates it modíd an even number and a result of 1 from the modulus operation indicates it modíd an odd number."

        if (name == "Smith" & number == 22) System.out.println("both sides

of the AND expression are True"0;

        should be

        if (name == "Smith" & number == 22) System.out.println

                 ("both sides of the AND expression are True");     System.out.println number < 13 !! number > 13

        should be

    System.out.println number < 13 | number > 13

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


        should not be there--please delete it.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

      //end of makeWithDrawal method

            should be 

      //end of makeWithdrawal method

      ... is not a valid student type"); 

            should be 

      ... is not a valid banking function")'

Chapter 8

  This will trigger the Mutator methods for the midterm. finalExamGrade, research and Presentation Attributes.

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

     grades[2] = 82;

        It should read

     grades[2] = 64;

     int rhonda[] = new int{10];

        The number 10 is enclosed by a left curly brace and a right bracket--it should read

     int rhonda[] = new int[10];

     grades[counter] = 80

        is missing a semicolon. It should read

      grades[counter] = 80;

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

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