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Every author endeavors for perfection. My apologies for the typos that have slipped through. We'll do our best to have these corrected for the next printing. (Some of you may not see these errors---we're now on the fourth printing of the book, and some of these have been corrected. By the way, the publisher's solution to the Faberware-Farberware issue was to change later printings of the book to read Faberware everywhere.

Unexpected Error--call John Smiley

This happens when you copy the completed Project (either the one on the CD or one you downloaded somewhere) to your hard drive and try to run it. The reason for that is that the program is 'hard coded' to run from only one location (you'll learn how to fix this in the Objects book using the Path property of the App object).

At any rate, the program can only run from this location


so make sure you copy the files there. Any other location will cause this problem.


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strPiece = Mid$(strSource, intCounter, _
If strPiece = strSearchFor Then
   Mid$(strSource, intCounter, _
     intLengthOfSearchfor) = strReplaceWith

This should read

strPiece = Mid$(strSource, intCounter, _
If strPiece = strSearchFor Then
   Mid(strSource, intCounter, _
     intLengthOfSearchfor) = strReplaceWith

Page 517 explanation describes the Mid statement which is correct.

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