November 2002 News

What's new..

1.  Java book Soprano's appearance is soon....
2. My new C++ book is now available
3. Professor Smiley's C++ Web Page 
4. Professor Smiley's Web Articles updated
5. One-week programming workshop begins December 9th
6. Intermediate VB.Net course begins December 9th
7. VB6-VB.Net Transition workshop begins Decmeber 2nd
8. Semi-annual garage book sale

 1. My Java book to make an appearance on the Sopranos (soon)

My sources tell me that the long awaited appearance of my Java book on the Soprano's is not far away. 

If you're familiar with the characters in the show, Svetlana, who will be taking care of Uncle Junior this year, will be using my book to teach herself Java and set up some kind of Web based business. 

2. New C++ book is now available

Professor Smiley's latest book, 

Learn to Program with C++
ISBN: 0072-225-351

is now available for sale. The most convenient way to get it is via this link

One of the great things about the book is that you don't need to buy a C++ compiler to use the book--his book uses Borland's free C++ batch 

3. Professor Smiley's C++ Web Page

In conjunction with the publication of Professor Smiley's C++ book, he has established a dedicated C++ page. This page has information about 
where to download the free version of Borland's C++, a link to an article on downloading and installing the compiler, along with some other 
valuable information. Here's the link

4. Professor Smiley's Web Articles

I'd like to apologize for being a bit behind in updating my free article web page, but I wanted to tell you that I have written a new article, September 2001, which has instructions for installing the Borland C++ compiler that I use in my new C++ book. You can find it, and my other articles, here

5. One-week workshop

Some of you know that I have been toying with the idea of offering a one week workshop to spur interest among beginner programmers. I feel that 
because of the IT recession, beginner programmers are losing heart, and I would like to encourage all of you to continue to learn by engaging in a one week workshop with me to attack and solve some of the kinds of programming problems that really sparked my interest when I was just learning.

The idea is that during the course of a single week, jointly he and those who sign up would develop solutions to simple to complex problems, 
and use my virtual classrooms to stimulate discussion, collaborative efforts, and ultimately a solution. 

I'd like you to visit this web page

to learn more about it and to vote for your top five favorite projects to pursue. The top vote getter will be the project selected for the 
first workshop to begin on Monday, December 9th.

Stay tuned for more information by checking this page periodically

6. Intermediate VB.Net course begins Monday, December 9th

I'll be offering an Intermediate VB.Net course to begin on Monday, December 9th. The course will last 8 weeks and will cost 
$200. This course is designed for those who know VB.Net and wish to learn more about it. It's also an ideal course for those who wish to 
pursue VB.Net Certification.

Stay tuned for more information by checking this page periodically

7VB6-VB.Net Transition workshop begins Monday, December 2nd

I'll be offering a 3 week VB6-VB.Net Transition workshop beginning on Monday, December 2nd, and ending on Sunday, December 
22nd. The course will cost $75 and is designed to assist existing VB6 programmers in their transition to VB.Net. 

Stay tuned for more information by checking this page periodically

8Semi-annual garage Book sale

As we do twice each year, last Saturday was garage clean up day, and my wife discovered that we have a number of my books in the garage and she wants to reclaim the space. Therefore, while quantities last, we are having a book sale. (Sorry, US shipping only)

Prices (which INCLUDE US shipping) are:

Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6 ------------$30
Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6 Examples----$30
Learn to Program Databases with Visual Basic 6---$35
Learn to Program Objects with Visual Basic 6-----$35

All four Visual Basic 6 books-------------------$100
Examples, Databases and Objects------------------$82

Learn to Program with Java ----------------------$35
Learn to Program with VB.Net---------------------$35
Learn to Program with C#-------------------------$35

If you are interested, check out this link:

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