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VB.Net Certification Links

Microsoft's Certification Page
Professor Smiley's Certification Page
Transcender--- Check out the world's greatest Microsoft Certification Exam test simulator. You can also buy it from via this link.

VB.Net FAQ's

Microsoft VB.Net Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Professor Smiley's Tutorials. Free tutorials from the master teacher. 
VBExplorer Tutorials.


10 ways to prepare for VB.Net (Visual Basic Programmer's Journal)
VB.Net uncovered

VB.Net Web Sites

Devx.Net Zone
DotNet Buzz
Extreme VB.Net
Microsoft Visual Basic.Net Home Page
Microsoft Visual Basic.Net Developer's Center
Microsoft Visual Basic.Net Newsgroup
VBnet Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre

VB.Net Product Overviews

VB.Net Standard Edition ($99 available from Microsoft)
VB.Net Enterprise Edition

Purchase VB.Net           $99 for VB.Net Standard Edition 
Microsoft Store   $109 for VB.Net Standard Edition
Provantage            $93 for VB.Net Standard Edition
            $49.42 for VB.Net Academic Standard Edition

Purchase Visual Studio.Net            $999 ($300 mail in rebate until September) for Visual Studio.Net Professional Edition
Microsoft Store    $1,079 for Visual Studio.Net Professional Edition
Provantage             $972.80 ($300 mail in rebate until September) for Visual Studio.Net Professional Edition
            $84.11 for Visual Studio.Net Academic Professional Edition)

Everyone is offering upgrade pricing--you'll need to check that out for yourself.


Visual Basic Online Testing

Take a VB.Net via my Webtester

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