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Visual Basic 6 Certification Links

Microsoft's Certification Page
Learn more about Certification from the Horse's mouth

Professor Smiley's Certification Page
Get the Certification slant from one of your favorite professors

Check out the world's greatest Microsoft Certification Exam test simulator. You can also buy Transcender from Professor Smiley by clicking here.

Visual Basic FAQ's

Microsoft Visual Basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre FAQ


Professor Smiley's Tutorials Tutorials from the master teacher. 
VBExplorer Tutorials.

Service Packs

Download Service Pack 5 for Visual Basic---the latest, and most likely last, of the Service Packs.

Professor Smiley Favorite Visual Basic 6 Websites

The Interface Hall of Shame
The Interface Hall of Fame
Visual Basic Explorer
VB Tips and Tricks

Other Visual Basic 6 Websites you may find useful

Advanced Visual Basic
Developer's Exchange
The Interface Hall of Shame
The Interface Hall of Fame
Karl Petersen's Web Site (Of Gary and Karl fame)
Microsoft's Visual Basic Home Page
Microsoft's MSDN (On-line Help)
Microsoft's Support Online
VB Helper
VB Shop--The Visual Basic Shop
Visual Basic Compendium
Visual Basic Explorer
Visual Basic for Kids
Visual Basic Tips
Visual Basic Glossary
Visual Basic History
Visual Basic Shareware
Zarr's Visual Basic Page

Visual Basic 6 Product Overviews

Visual Basic 6 Learning Edition
Visual Basic 6 Professional Edition

Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition

Purchase Visual Basic 6

Computer Discount Warehouse 800-844-4239 ---Offers Academic Pricing
Microsoft Academic Store---Offers Academic Pricing
Provantage--Offers Academic Pricing
Ebay auction house
Genesis Technologies---Offers Academic Pricing
Software Source---Offers Academic Pricing Academic Pricing

Visual Basic Online Testing

Take a Visual Basic Quiz online via my Webtester

Games and Graphics Links

Aner's Visual Basic Games A Visual Basic Website that specializes in game programming.
Space Invaders game written in Visual Basic 5. Download the zip file.
Zorro's VB Fun page A great Visual Basic Website that specializes in game programming.