CMIS 107
Structured Programming with C++
Fall 2003
John Smiley
Last Updated Decemeber 9, 2003

We have 1 official class left---Wednesday, December 10th. I will also be in our classroom on Wednesday, December 17th (around 7PM), for anyone who needs assistance. I need to turn grades in on Monday, December 29th, which means the latest you can get your missing work to me is Saturday, December 27th.

Chapter 11 is the last chapter we will be covering--use the remainder of the term to catch up, review and complete the take-home final exam

Wednesday, December 17th is our scheduled Final Exam, which will be a Take Home Final Exam. Instead, download the Take Home Final Exam by clicking HERE

Office:     None
     (856)786-4216 (24 hours a day)

Textbook: Structured and Object Oriented Problem Solving Using C++ (3rd Edition)
Author:  Andrew Staugaard

Materials: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Introduction Edition is included with the textbook. You will need to purchase at least 2 floppy disks for the C++ programs you will write during the course. These floppy disks must be labeled with your name and course number.

Book Website:

Overview: This course exams the nature and structure of data types, computer programming languages, algorithms and program design. While elements common to all languages will be discussed, hands on experience in one language, such as C++, will be provided. 

Integrity: Holy Family University expects of its students the highest standards of integrity in performance of academic assignments. Dishonesty in college work, whether it be quizzes, laboratory work, term papers, examinations, etc, is regarded as a serious offense and may result in failure in the course and dismissal from the college. Anyone who willfully assists another in the breach of integrity is held equally responsible and subject to the same penalty.

Attendance: Holy Family College does not recognize the cut system. Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratory sessions regularly and may not absent themselves except for illness or some other serious matter. Attendance is especially important during the first three weeks of classes. Students may not extend their vacation beyond the date assigned for return to college without the approval of the associate provost for academic student services. Students who do not attend classes during this period may jeopardize their enrollment and may be administratively withdrawn from classes. Such actions may jeopardize their financial aid status as well.

Instructors maintain a record of class attendance. All students are expected to meet their usual class responsibilities until the hour set by the college calendar for the beginning of a vacation period. In any semester, absences equal to twice the number of weekly contact hours of a given class are deemed excessive. Final grades and/or the receipt of academic credit may be effected by excessive absences. In any case in which absences exceed the allotted number, the instructor and the associate provost for academic student services will determine whether circumstances warrant an exception to policy.



Component Material Held/Due Date Percentage
Quizzes (10+) Various   10%
Programming Assignments (10+) Various   40%
Midterm Various October 15th 25%
Final Examination   December 17th 25%


Class Schedule



August 27
Week #1
Course Overview
Course Requirements,
Syllabus discussion
Complete the class census
Getting Acquainted with Computers
Problem Solving, Abstraction and Stepwise Refinement

Read:    Appendix C (Complete the tutorial)
          Chapters 1 and 2
Browse:  Appendix C Margin Notes,
           Chapter 1 Margin Notes,
           Chapter 2 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 1 PowerPoint chart,
           Chapter 2 Powerpoint chart
Do:       Problems #1-1, #1-3
           Problems #2-3

Sep 3
Week #2

Data: Types, Classes and Objects

Read: Chapter 3
Browse:  Chapter 3 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 3 PowerPoint chart
Study: Act03-01, Act03-02

Sep 10
Week #3

Input and Output Objects

Read: Chapter 4
Browse:  Chapter 4 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 4 PowerPoint chart
Study: Act04-01
, GUI101
Do in Lab:  Write a C++ program that prompts the user for their first name, then prompts them for their second name, and displays their 'full name' on a single line of code.

Sep 17
Week #4

Nuts and Bolts: Standard Stuff in C++

Read: Chapter 5
Browse:  Chapter 5 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 5 PowerPoint chart
Prepare For:
Our First Quiz (Chapters 1 thru 5)
Study: Act05-01
Do in Lab/Homework (Due September 22nd): 

Problem #5-1 on Page 198--use this test data
Problem #5-12 on Page 199--use this test data

Sep 24
Week #5

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Read: Chapter 6
Browse:  Chapter 6 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 6 PowerPoint chart
Study: Act06-01, Act06-02

Oct 1
Week #6

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Again...)

Read: Chapter 6
Browse:  Chapter 6 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 6 PowerPoint chart
Study: Act06-01, Act06-02
Check out Allan's ClearScreen Function Program
Problem #6-4 on Page 253
Problem #6-5 on Page 253

Oct 8
Week #7

Looping Operation: Iteration

Read: Chapter 7
Browse:  Chapter 7 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 7 PowerPoint chart
Study: Ex07_01, Ex07_02, Ex07_03
        Act07-01, Act07_02, Act07_2b, Act07_2c
Problem #7-1 on Page 305
Problem #7-8 on Page 305

Oct 15
Week #8

Midterm Examination (Chapters 1 through 7)

Oct 22
Week #9

Functions in Depth

Read: Chapter 8
Browse:  Chapter 8 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 8 PowerPoint chart
Study: Ex08_05, Ex-8_06.cpp
        Act08-01, Act08_02
Problem #8-1 on Page 373
Problem #8-6 on Page 373

Oct 29
Week #10

One-Dimensional Arrays

Read: Chapter 9
Browse:  Chapter 9 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 9 PowerPoint chart
Study: Ex09_01
        Act09-01, Act09-02, Act09-03
Problem #9-1 on Page 435
Problem #9-3 on Page 435

Nov 5
Week #11

Classes and Objects in Depth

Read: Chapter 10
Browse:  Chapter 10 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 10 PowerPoint chart
Look at:  Rectangle.cpp, Chapter10.cpp
Study: Ex10_01, Ex-10_04.cpp
Problem #10-1 on Page 486
Problem #10-2 on Page 487

Nov 12
Week #12

Classes and Objects in Depth (again....)

Nov 19
Week #13

Class Inheritance

Read: Chapter 11
Browse:  Chapter 11 Margin Notes
Look at:  Chapter 11 PowerPoint chart
Look at:  Shape.cpp, Rectangle.cpp, Square.cpp, CalcRectangle.cpp, CalcSquare.cpp
Modify your code from Problem #10-2 to include a base class from which you inherit.

Nov 26
Week #14

No class---Thanksgiving day break

Dec 3
Week #15

Catchup, Review...

Dec 10
Week #16


Catchup, Review...

Dec 17
Week #17

Final Examination (Chapters 9 through 13)

Grading System

Letter Grade













D+ 73.76.99